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Anonymous said: what shops/online stores can i get nike pros from? i have an uncle going to the US (i'm in Australia) and i want him to get some for me? i've looked at some online sites but they never have small /:

Then I was like:


Personally, xs and small are really hard to find for me too!

You can get them at Dicks, Sports Authority, uhhh some small sports clothing stores

Lady Foot Locker had a ton last time I was in, of all sizes. I would check them out, too. 

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I JUST painted my nails like a day and a half ago and the corner of my thumb nail just ripped off. Ugh
I already did. Posted a lil bit ago

Someone just messaged me too haha thank you

Kind of proud I got so close considering I’m a tumbling idiot 

Someone go on Toni’s Instagram and explain to me in technical terms what her new worlds pass is.

Anonymous said: top three teams in each division?

Then I was like:

Okay, I can do this. I just don’t know where I want them to place specifically.

Small Senior:

Generals, Lady Ligtning and SSX

Medium Senior:

F5, A-Team and Swooshcats

Large Senior:

Staaaawwssss, Panthers and Orange

(Not at all going to be surprised if SE places though)

Small Coed:

Smoed, DD Invincible and BSB 

(I really want BSB to place this year)

Medium Coed:

Reign over everything. Black ops and Odyssey

Large Coed:

Cheetahs, TGLC and Steel


Great Whites! Just GWs

and that’s all. I don’t keep up well with the other divisions. 

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Macey <3

My flyer is so beautiful in the air.


"hey, do you want the rest of my salad?"image

"how about some of my fries?"image

(via 360s-and-tick-tocks)






Too many injuries omg

What team ?


she’s on cheer express ioc5 i just checked her bio lol

Lol where did you get Wildcats from

"What team?" "WILDCATS" High School Musical reference




I remember doing this, it was so fun!

I really want to try this! <3

ive always looved these

Its fun until they dont catch you and you fall right on your neck. Yay cheerleading. lmfao

That pretty much sums up cheerleading: it’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cast.
Anonymous said: I love kelsey rule as much as you do but you do have to agree that she wasn't that flexible right?

Then I was like:







Yeah she wasn’t but I heard someone said she didn’t have the endurance to be a backspot or a base AND tumble in the routine so she flew

She was always a flyer since before Starlites. Her flexibility wasn’t great but she was solid as shiiiiiet in the air which is more important than a needle tbh


Because hitting every time »> needle and hitting 50% of the time. Kelsey earned her spot as point flyer last year

She wasn’t point Tessa was point last year I’m confused

Hahahhaah kelsey was never point flyer??? Also my flyer is an amazing tumbler but doesnt have that great flexibility. She says because shes gained so much muscle from tumbling that its hard for her to pull her body positions without pulling or tearing muscles

Also there was people like Tessa who were very solid in the air consistently and had pretty good flexibility. But Kelsey was right next to the point right? It’s like the best of both worlds

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